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Arizona Reunion II- March, 2010

We try to get together each year and we wish there were more

members from our class that winter-or live-in AZ.

Karen Dedrickson Orr, Evelyn Spence Vanasse, Ted Olson, Doris Strom Johnson, Laurel Ninneman Falde


Mary (Alms) Dvarishkis and one of her daughters. Mary and her husband Patrick live on their ranch outside of Ballintine, Montana.

An Arizona Reunion - March, 2009

Doris Strom, Evey Spence, Karen Dedrickson, Laurel Ninneman

Reunion Pictures--
What wonderful memories!

2007 - 50th Class Reunion

Standing: Selba Green Schoeder, Bob Johnson, Joanne Cole Johnson, Allen Brown, Laurel Ninneman Falde, David Hauschildt, Ruth Hanson Rebiski, Ted Olson, Anita Olson Fletcher, Ken Safe, Evelyn Spence Vanasse, Dennis Gilbertson, Carol Reed Alms, Jody Peterson, Marilyn Freiberg Gjovig, Dave Koehler, Doris Strom Johnson.
Kneeling: Rita Zimmer Parsons, Roger Raeshler, Frank Erb, Leonard Zimmer, Don Blegen.

Bud Falde and Irv Vanasse

BernardSchoeder and Bud Falde

Barb and Joe Peterson

Ted Olson and Leonard Zimmer

Leonard Zimmer and Rita Zimmer Parsons

Ruth Hanson Ribiskas, Doris Strom, & Barb (Joe) Peterson

Frank Erb

Marilyn Freiberg Gjovig

Carol (Reed) and Joe Alms

Diane Erb and Don Blegen

Claudia and Dennis Gilbertson

Bob and Mary Johnson

Diane Erb, Joann (Cole) and Dave Johnson

Kenny Safe

Kenny Safe

Roger Raeshler

Leonard Zimmer

Rita Zimmer Parsons

Al Brown

Don Blegen

Dave Hauschildt

Ruth Hanson Rebishkas

Selba Green Schoeder

Frank Erb

Dennis Gilbertson

Joann Cole Johnson

Evey Spence Vanasse

Anita Olson Fletcher

Carol Reed Alms

Ted Olson

Bob Johnson

Marilyn Freiberg Gjovig

Doris Strom Johnson

Joe Peterson

Davie Koehler

Ted Olson and Leonard Zimmer

Pat and Ted Olson, Chazzy Gjovig

1992 - 35th Class Reunion(?)

Back row: Jim DeMarce (?), Allen Brown, Wayne Jensen, Dennis Gilbertson, Dave Hauschildt, Ted Olson.

Middle Row: Janice Plan Madouros, Joanne Ingli Ducklow, Anita Olson Fletcher, Doris Strom Johnson, Eloise Phillips, Lorraine Anderson DeLong, Evey Spence Vanasse, Carol Reed Alms, Mary Alms Dvarishkis, Laurel Ninneman Falde, Judy Croes Siefert, Selba Green Schoeder, Joann Cole Johnson, Gretchen Linder, Marilyn Frieberg Gjovic, Colleen Thompson.

Kneeling in front: Bob Johnson, Jody Peterson, Roger Reashler, Arlie Ducklow, Don Blegen

1987 - 30th Class Reunion

Front Row: Karen Dedrickson, Evey Spence, Bob Johnson, Frank Erb, Roger Raehsler, Ronnie Sather, Jim DeMarce, Allan Brown, Don Blegen.

Back Row: Anita Olson, Alice Andrews, Selba Green, Gretchen Linder, Janice Plan, Dave Koehler, JoAnn Cole, Wayne Jensen, Lorraine Anderson, ?, Eloise Phillipps, Arlan Ducklow, Cheryl Madson, Dennis Gilbertson, Doris Strom, Dave Haschildt, JoAnn Ingli, Ted Olson, Frances Croes, Laurel Ninneman, Albert DeLong, Joan Olson, Camilla Quilling, Joe Peterson, Vernon Schroeder.