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Junior Memories 

Sophomore Memories

Freshmen Memories

Elementary Grades Memories

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Senior Memories


A Collection of Photos shared by Joanie Olson Croes

taken during your years in Spring Valley

Gale Stein, Dorothy Stein, Mila McClellen

Allen Brown and Joanie Olson

taken in August, 1940

Dorothy Stein, Evey Spence, Dana Wilhelm

Inter-Class Tournaments

March 30-April 1, 1955

Sophomore Class Name - Hobos

Cheerleaders: Cheryl Madson, Audrey Rudesill, Joan Olson, and Selba Green

Jim Traynor and Mary Ann Helgeson

Cherie Madson and Dana Wilhelm


Homecoming - 1957
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Junior Memories

Row 1: Selba Green, Gale Stein, Audrey Rudesill, Cheryl Madson, Frances Croes, Judy Croes, Dorothy Stein, Anita Olson. Row 2: Rita Zimmer Carol Reed, Lorraiine Anderson, Marilyn Freibert, JoAnn Cole, Evelyn Spence, Doris Strom, Joan Ingli, Ruth Hanson, Karen Dedrickson, Loretta Cain, Colleen Thompson. Row 3: Gretchen Linder, Judy Sorenson, Wayne Jensen, James DeMarce, Leonard Zimmer, Allan Brown, Robert Johnson, Joe Peterson, Joan Olson, Janice Plan, Camilla Quilling, Mila McCllellan, Laurel Ninneman. Row 4: Vernon Schoeder Ronald Sather, Arlie Ducklow, David Hauschildt, Dennie Gilbertso, Kenneth Safe, Arthur Larson, Wayne Roatch, David Koehler, Roger Raehsler, Donald Blegen. ABSENT: Albert Delong, Mary Alms, Theodore Olson.

Junior Class Officers: Secretary/Treasurer, Audrey Rudesill; Advisor Mr. Leach; President Dennis Gilbertson; Vice President, Arlie Ducklow.

Junior "Hot Shots"

Can someone help identify these boys

March, 1956
Junior Class Picnic - May, 1956


Sophomore Memories

I cannot identify everyone - could someone help?


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Freshman Memories



Elementary Grades Memories



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