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Junior Memories 

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Senior Memories

Senior Class Officers

Elizabeth Moser, Bob Meier, Mary Olson

Mary Rudesill


1952-53 Football Team

2nd Place Middle Border Conference

2nd Place Middle Border Conference


Front: Jim Duberke, Jim Danielson,

Bob Meier, Dale Brooke

Back: Jerry Mattison, Dick Weghorn, Bill Stein,

Duane Olson, Jim Price


Juniors - Cherie Larson and LaVonne Safe

Seniors - Mary Rudesill and Mary Olson

Senior Inter-Class Cherleaders

Shirley Olson, Joan Traynor,

 Barb Brandt, Loretta Lynum

Regular Cheerleaders

Mary Rudesill and Mary Olson (not pictured)

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Homecoming Parade

Queen Barb Johnson

King Jerry Mattison, Bob Meier, Duane Olson, Dale Brooke


King Jerry Mattison's Coronation


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River Falls  "Falconaires - SV School Dance

Class of '53 -

Tom Forthun, John Kirk

SVHS Marching Band - River Falls

John Kirk and Tom Forthun

Shirley Olson

Joan Traynor and Rosalie Holden

New Band Uniforms

Rosalie Holden, Joan Traynor and Barb Brandt

Going to Band

Joan Traynor, Mary Rudesill & Rosalie Holden

Marching Band


English Class

Liz Moser, Shirley Olson & Mary Olson

Back-Sharon Wettleson, Rosalie Holden,

Mary Rudelsill & Peg Madson

Front-Shirley Olso, Loretta Lynum, Barb

Brandt and Joan Traynor

1953 Seniors in Classs

Front Row: Rosalie Holden, Colleen Ingli, Virgina Woodmansee.

Second Row: Sharon Wettleson, Barb Johnson, Orval Britton.

Third Row: Jim Danielson, Dick Gueldner, Anita Iverson.

Back Row: Dale  Brooke, Bob Meier, John Kirk, Duane Olson.

Seniors - Loretta Lyum, Joan Traynor,

Rosalie Holden & Barb Brandt

Spring, 1953

Loretta Lynum, Mary Rudesill, Rosalie Holden

Joan Traynor, Mary Rudesill, Rosalie Holden

Dave Stein on top of the North Black Bridge

Mary Louise's house in the background on the hill.

Donald Ellings

Anita Iverson and Loretta Lynum

Duane Olson, Shirley Olson, Loretta Lynum, Jim Duberke

Senior Slumber Party

Mr. Churchill,Barb Brandt,Liz Moser,Joan Traynor

Tulips - 1953

Shirley Olson, Peggy Madson,

Liz Moser, Mary Olson

Anita Iverson and Mary Rudesill

.Joan Traynor, Mary Rudesill, Loretta Lynum,

Barb Brandt, Rosalie Holden

Barb Brandt

Senior Class Play - "Ghost Wanted"

Front-Carol Lou Hillstead, Joan Traynor, Shirley Olson,

Bob Meier,Tom Forthun

Back-Rosalie Holden, Mary Olson, Liz Moser, Mary

Rudesill, Dick Weghorn, Miss Anderson, John Kirk,

Duane Olson & Jim Price

John Kirk - "The Ghost"


Shirley Olson and Mary Olson

Sadie Hawkins Day

Rosalie Holden, Barb Brandt, Joan Traynor

Shirley Olson


Harold (Punky) Budd and Joan Traynor

Mary Rudesill and Len (Red) Place

Post Grad Party - Mary Rudesill's Home

Loretta Lynum, Rosalie Holden, Shirley Olson,

Joan Traynor and Mary Louise Olson

Duane Olson, Dick Lowater, Dale Brooke

Mr. Cardinal - History Teacher

and our Sophomore Advisor

Teachers at SVHS during the 50's

Coffee at Burt & Lou's

Mr. Syverson,Mr. Leach,Mr.Jacobs, & Mr.Aamodt

Mr. Leach, Math Teacher

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Senior Skip Day/Class Picnic - St. Croix Falls

   Roy Johnson, Dave Stein, Norbert Jensen,

Shirley Oebser, Colleen Ingli, Carol Hillstead


Mary Rudesill, Bill Stein, Dale Brooke, JoanTraynor

Shirley Olson, Mary Olson, Joan Traynor

& Bill Stein

Mary Olson, Shirley Olson, Loretta Lynum,

Norbert Jensen & Dave Stein


Dick Weghorn, Liz Moser, Mary Olson, Shirley

Olson,, LeRoy Jacobson and Mr. Aamodt

Anita Iverson, Loretta Lynum, Shirley Olson &

Mary Rudesill

Joan Traynor and Mary Rudesill

Rosalie Holden, Joan Traynor,

Orville Britton, LeRoy Jacobson,

David Stein, Jim Price, Dick Gueldner

Bob Meier

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Junior-Senior Banquet

Valedictorian Rosalie Holden

Salutatorian Mary Rudesill

Jim Duberke

and Duane Olson

YEAR UNKNOWN - Can you help with identifications?

Relaxing at Lowater's Home

Dick Lowater,?,Duane Olson,Dick Wilhelm,Bob Meier,Jim Price and

Punky Budd on the floor.

Punky Budd

Betty Geisinger & Shirley Olson

Betty Geisinger

Punky Budd

Wayne Voelker

Betty Geisinger and Ileane Breitinger

next to the old Olivet Store on #183

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Junior Memories

1951-1952 - Junior Football Team

Front Row:Mr. Cardinal, Dick Woods, Leonard Snnider, Bob Brooke, Harold Aamodt, Dick Brooke, Harold Budd, Mr. Nelson

Second Row: Minnard Hojem, Tom Meier, Bob Rutherford, Jerry Mattison, Bob Meier, Dale Brooke, Jim Duberke, Irvin Vanasse, Roger Brandt

Third Row: Dick Weghorn, Arnie Harrison, Joe Thome, Jim Price, Duane Olson, Bill Stein, Don Adank, Don Croes

Not Pictured: Ronnie Thompson, Dave Vanasse, Jim Danielson, Leonard Snyder


Front Row: Bob Meier, Marval Klecker, Shirley Olson

Back: Joan Traynor, Rosalie Holden, Dick Weghorn

Liz Moser, Minnard Hojem, Duane Olson, Roy Johnson, and Loretta Lynum

Junior Class Play Cast Party

Front Row: Loretta Lynum, Joan Traynor, Liz Moser, Barb Brandt and Jim Price

Back Row: Dick Weghorn, Duane Olson, Shirley Olson, Mary Olson, LeRoy "Jake" Jacobson, John Kirk, Bob Meier & Tom Forthun

Sophomore Memories

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Spring Valley High School - 1951    

Middle Border Conference Champions

Front-Shirley Olson & Mary Rudesill

Back-Loretta Lynum, Mary Olson & Joan Traynor

Sophomore Class Picnic-Chippewa Park

Rex Stockman, Bus Driver

Rosalie Holden and Shirley Olson

Mary Olson

Loretta Lynum

Loretta Lynum, Shirley Olson &

Kathleen Kannell

Dick Lowater & John Kirk

Starting at Bottom, Clockwise: Richard Lowater, Joan

Traynor, Rosalie Holden, Minnard Hojem, Mary Olson,

Shirley Olson, GeneCardinal,Loretta Lynum, and

in center, Dick Weghorn

Kathleen Kannel and ?

Rosalie Holden and Jim Duberke


Minnard Hojem and  Dick Weghorn on their way to the Luther League Convention in Seattle - 1951

Freshman Memories

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Freshman Initiation

Loretta Lynum

John Kirk

Rosalie Holden

John Kirk, Jim Danielson,

Richard Lowater, Dale Brooke

Shirley Olson & Mary Olson

Duane Olson

Duane Weinke, John Kirk, Dale Brooke,

Duane Olson, Dick Lowater

Freshman Basketball Team

Front- Dale Brooke, Jerry Mattison, Jim Danielson, Bob Meier

Back- Jim Duberke, Orval Britton, Duane Weinke, Duane Olson, Dick Weghorn

Boy Scouts- Freshman Year?


Duane Olson & Dick Lowater

Back: Darrel Krenn, Bob Rutherford, Dick Lowater, Ray Quilling, Scoutmaster

Front: ?, ?, Don Blegen, David Litzell,

Dennis Gilbertson, Jim Meier