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Send a paragraph (or more) giving an update on your life to Karen Olson.
Tell about your family, hobbies, interests, travel, etc., etc.
Your classmates want to know all about you!

A message from Joyce Peterson:

   Going to try and get this to go. I know you may not see it before tonight; however thought I would send it along anyway.
    We had thought we were going to try and come tonight, but my husband needs to have a hip replaced and that has been scheduled for the end of Sept. He thought he was going to go to everything before he had his surgery, but it is getting to difficult for him to get around.
    We just got home last night at 10pm after spending 2 weeks traveling with our daughter, Carol, husband Jeff, and their 3 teenager daughters. Had lots of help so made it possible for us to go. We went to Boston, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Jeff has a sister in Boston and we have a son in Baltimore. We had a good time but are about ready for a rest today . (Could our age be showing??)
    Otherwise we are doing good. Kids just had a big Celebration for our 50th Wedding Anniversary the end of June, with lots of company from the past years and then this trip now. Guess thing are getting a bit much.
    We would sure love to have some of you drop in this way once.
    Have a good time and HELLO to ALL. I need to spend some time on the 54 site. What you are doing Karen is just Great. Thank You.

Joyce Peterson Souba
Mother of 4 Daughters & 3 sons-in-law
Mother of 1 Son & one daughter in-law
Grandmother of 9 Grandchildren. Several cats and dogs. None at our House tho.

Merlin Holerud - submitted by Merlin's wife, Rose (Helgeson, Class of '60)

   After graduation, Merlin and Wayne Lorentson enlisted in the Air Force. When he was discharged, he went to work for the State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation in the Soils Unit. He traveled over most of Wisconsin taking borings for foundations of bridges. He spent a lot of years working on interstate bridges before it was completed. He later did maintenance on trucks and built decks and etc. on truck beds in the Madison Shop. He retired in 1996.
    He married Rose Helgeson, also of Spring Valley, in 1962, and we made our home in rural Lodi, WI, just north of Madison, WI. We have two grown children, Todd and Shellie; two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren.  

   Merlin loves to snowmobile and was instrumental in getting the state trail started in our area. We also love to go ATVing and have traveled to many states to do so. He likes to garden and landscaped our yard when we built our house and takes care of the yard work. He also likes to fish and hunt.

A note from Alice Adams:

Hello Everybody,

   I won't be able to come to the reunion. I'm sticking pretty close to home this year. Between the flu epidemic, my health, and my pocketbook, it isn't feasible. I usually come up every other year, but in late August for my Hurtgen family reunion. I came up last year. If you have ever had to spend a couple of weeks or more staying with your kids, you can understand. I love them but it wears thin after awhile.

   I just had laser surgery for a bleed in my left eye. Last year it was the right one. Now I guess I am getting cataract surgery after this heals. I just hope it helps my vision. I spend a lot of time working on my computer, and am tired of wiping nose prints off the monitor.

   My latest project is scanning and organizing pictures out of my albums so I can burn DVD's for the kids. I have been working on the Hurtgen family tree for years, and that is finally almost ready for printing. Last winter I dubbed my old VCR tapes to DVD. The next project will be dubbing vinyl and cassettes to CD's. As each project gets done another pops up to take its place. I am the librarian here in the complex I live in, so that is an ongoing job. At least I don't get bored.

   I hope you have a good turnout. I wish I could be there, but that is what happens when you move so far away. I do love living in AZ, though. It agrees with my arthritis. I have one son who lives close by, and a daughter in TX. The other four live in MN. I have two great granddaughters, and there is another girl coming this fall. I want to get the family tree printed before it gets much bigger. We are a big family, and those limbs are getting pretty heavy.

   I am sending a picture I had taken last year. Isn't it funny? I look so OLD! Have fun,  Alice B