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Our Senior Yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Ames

We, the senior class of 1963, dedicate his yearbook to Mr. Ames for his outstanding cnributions to the student body. Very few, if any of our classmates have every consulted Mr. Ames about a problem and come away dissatisfied with his counsel. We feel his dedication to the ideal of freedom of expression and personal achievement have helped to form a classs of which we are all extremely proud.

"The wealth of mankind is the wisdom they leave."

John O'Reilly

Senior Class Officers

President, David Olson

Vice President, Marsha Karnes

Secretary, Dawn Brooke

Treasurer, Joy Stefon

Advisors: Mr. Aamodt, Mr. Baker, and Mrs. Webster


Senior Athletes



L to R: Gary Falde, Ron Wolske, Steve Aamodt, Dean Aamodt, Don Brown, Sam Aanestad,

Chuck Madson, Ken Raasch, Scott Ofstie, Bill Odalen, Roger Stein, Chuck Lamb.


From L to R- ROW 3: Tom Wood, Larry Anderson, David Pittman, Mike Weghorn, Paul Vanasse, Chuck Vanasse, David Fast, Scott Ofstie, Tom Spindler, Raymond Timm, Dennis Carpenter, Dean Madson. ROW 2: Assistant Coach Mr. Baker, Brian Miller, Dick Fast, Barry Golden, Gordon Hendrickson, Don Brown, Roger Stein, Steven Aanestad, Dean Aamodt, Rich O'Connell, Manager Tedd Wenum, Coach Mr. Gudmanson. Row 1: Manager Doug Blegen, Chuck Lamb, Sam Aanestad, Russell Grape, Ronald Wolske, Bill Odalen, John Krause, David Olson, Max Hines, Chuck Madson, Bruce Gunderson.

Senior Class Play

April 25, 1963 - DESPERATE AMBROSE

David Olson
Bert Miller

LaVern Hauschildt

Beth Malone
Bonnie Holum
Sheriff Crandall
Ron Wolske
Ted Bergum
Harriet Lansing
Hoot Owl Pete
Dale Wells
Stinkweed Meade
John Krause
Nancy Martin
Lana Bjornson
Anne Martin
Judi Hillstsead
Mrs. Sproo
....... Susan Davis
Lena Sprool
Barb Jones
Chuck Madson
First Man
Bill Odalen
Second Man
Ken Raasch

Forensic Contest Winners

L to R- ROW 1: Susan Davis, Barb Jones, Teresa Traynor, Judi Hillstead, Mary Shafer, Bonie Holum, Karen Stefon, Judy Klecker. ROW 2: Marcia Olson, Royann Danielson, Dawn Brooke, Pat Christopherson, Gail Olstad, May Kay Linden, Harriet Lansing. ROW 3: Ron Cain, Richhard Kendall, Sam Aanestad, Ron Wolske, Dick Fast.

Debate Team

Front: Harriet Lansing and Judy Faber

Back: Sam Aanestad, Mr. Goldman and Gordon Hendrickson

Newspaper Staff

L to R- ROW 3: John Krause, Dick Fast, Dawn Brooke, Max Hines, Sam Aanestad, Dale Wells, Ronald Wolske, Bill Odalen, David Olson, ROW 2: Judy Faber, Barb Jones, Pat Christopherson, Susan Dais, Marcia Olson, Georgia Quilling, Linda Stein, Sharon Timm, Kathy Dent. ROW 1: Mary Hendrickson, Harriet Lansing, Judy Klecker, Cherrie Helgeson, Jo Stefon, Mary Lou Zimmer, Donna Vieths, Sharon Wentlandt, Gail Olstad, Judi Hillstead.

Honor Society

L to R- ROW 4: Sam Aanestad, Mike Weghorn, Max Hines, Dick Fast, Roger Perry, Roger Dent. ROW 3: Judy Faaber, Marcia Olson, Pat Christopherson, Dawn Brooke, Carol Gilbertson, Betty Hanson, Bobby Jo Hoffman, Mr. Berendsen-Administrator. ROW 2: Mary Hendrickson, Sharon Timm, Harriet Lansing, Kathy Dent, Mary Lou Zimmer, Nancy Esanbock. ROW 1: Judi Hillstead, Cherrie Helgeson, Judy Vieths, Erlene Dahlman, Linda Leehe, Connie Larson.


L to R: Faye Howard, Judi Hillstead, Cherrie

Helgeson,Mary Lou Zimmer, Barbara Jones.

L to R: Cherrie Helgeson, Mary Lou Zimmer,

Barb Jones, Faye Howard, Judi Hillstead

Homecoming 1962

1962 Senior Prom



Forty-Eight Frosh Will 'Get The Works' At Initiation October 2, 1959

   Forty-eight bewildered freshmen entered Spring Valley High School on August 27, 1959. Some were uncertain as to what the future held for them; others were very confident.

   The freshmen will become official members of the high school on Friday, October 2, when the sophomores will have the privilege of initiating them. Under supervision of the faculty, the initiation will be better supervised and restricted this year. After the Spring Valley-Ellsworth football game, a dance will conclude the initiation.

   To give you some idea of what the freshmen think of high school here are some of their comments:

Joy Stefon: After the first day, I was scared stiff.

Ronnie Wolske: I like high school because you get to go to more dances. One thing I dislike is that you can't run in the halls.

Teddy Bergum: It's more fun than grade school because you get to run around more.

Pat Christopherson: In high school you get to know more people. One thing I dislike is the rush-rush-rush.

Chuck Madson: It's different! I dislike it because it's too much work.

Dawn Brooke: I like the friendly kids, but I dislike the three minutes between classes.

Second Grade

Semi-circle in front: Joy Stefon, Jane Leach (hidden behind Joy), Jane Helgeson, Georgia Quilling, Dawn Brooke, Cherrie Helgeson, Dale Wells, Chuck Madson, and I (Susan Davis) am the essence of dignity, hind end in air, bobbing for apples.

Back row: Andrea Barstad, Donald Litzell, Tommy Spengler, Kenny Raasch, Linda Stein (partly hidden), LaDawn Schutz, Marcia Olson