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BREAKFAST CLUB - Classes of '51, 52, & 53


You are invited!

Folks from the Classes of '51, '52, and '53 (other classes welcome) meet the first Tuesday of the month at Denny's in Hudson at about 8:30 in the morning. Some come later and just have tea and folks do come and go. Sometimes we are only three and we have had as many as 23. Nola (Madson) & Dale Gehn are the real organizers - they do not have e-mail. You may contact Minnard Hojem - - for more information.


October 1, 2019 Class Breakfast at Denny's in Hudson

Denny's was FULL so we had to go to Perkins!! Minnard could not get ONE picture of everybody as the walls were too close to each end! So he had to take two pictures! Have a Blessed October!

Top Picture: Duane Olson (blocked by Karen Olson), Esther Nelson, Dick Nelson, Dale Gehn, Mary Louise Olson, Nola Gehn, Kathleen Dahlman, Edith Hojem.

Bottom Picture: Ann Randall, Reta Sanford, Carol Poff, Erlene Barriault, Jerry Barriault, Lee Davison, Verda Davison, Rollin Sorenson, Sue Sorenson

August 6, 2019 Class Breakfast at Denny's in Hudson

Left to Right: Ann Randall, Dale Gehn, Sue Sorenson, Rollin Sorenson, Carol Poff, Nola Gehn, Kathleen Dahlman, Edith Hojem, Lee Davison, Verda Davison, Esther Nelson, Dick Nelson


June 4, 2019 Class Breakfast at Denny's in Hudson

Left to Right: Mary Louise Olson, Marlys Anderson, Carol Poff, Nola Gehn, Ann Randall, Dale Gehn, Edith Hojem, Jerry Barriault, Duane Olson Esther Nelson, Karen Olson, & Kathleen Dahlman. Attended, but not in photo: Dick Nelson, Erlene Barriault & Minnard Hojem.


March 5, 2019 Class Breakfast at Denny's in Hudson

Left to Right: Edith Hojem, Ann Randall, Verda Davison, Lee Davison, LaNelle Johnson, Reta Sanford, Jerry Barriault, Dick Nelson, Esther Nelson, Erleen Barriault, Kathleen Dahlman, Anita Sundberg.  Minnard Hojem took picture! Missed January & February because of "bad weather'!!