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Mr. Collins
l. Served in Army (Japan and Korea) l954-1956
2. English 11 & 12, SVHS l956-1963
3. Grad. school Greeley, CO., l963-1964 (earned MA in school admin.)
4. Jr.-Sr. high principal Isle, MN., 1964-1967
5. Jr.-Sr. high principal Rush City, MN., l968-1981
6. Sub teaching Hastings Jr. High and several part-time jobs 1982-1985
7. Security guard and other jobs at Koch Refinery 1986-2000
8. Finally retired 2000

Mr. Berendsen

  Thank you for the invitation to attend your 50th class reunion on August 2nd.  Yes, God willing, we will plan to attend.

   My wife Jeanne and I have many fond memories of Spring Valley and have kept in touch with many friends and former students over the years (45!!).

  We remember driving down the hill on highway 29 for my initial interview and feeling that we were arriving at a special place.  I was hired at the “tender” age of 28 in 1957 and stayed as principal until the summer of 1963.

  I also remember getting a lot of help from my office girls as Syver never wrote down any rules or procedures for running the high school.  Diana Plan, in particular, gave me a lot of guidance until I got a Student Handbook organized.  The notorious demerit system was actually Wally Hansen’s idea but it did serve a positive purpose.  I also remember showing movies in the old building across the street for my Sociology classes.

  I felt that the students and I got along quite well.  I had more problems with adult cliques and “downtown quarterbacks”.  I remember the “lyceums” or programs in the old gym and entertaining football and basketball games  More on memories at reunion time.

As to the Berendsens’ since we left:

   I became a guidance counselor (and director later) at Waukegan, Illinois High School and spent 25 years in those capacities until I retired in 1988.  We had five children (three girls and two boys) and now have eight grandkids.  Two of our children were born in Menomonie.

    I became a travel agent in 1989 and have been ever since and we have traveled to many parts of the globe.  Jeanne has worked in a doctor’s office for over 35 years.  I also learned to fly a small airplane and did so for 20 years.  Presently I lead a l6 piece orchestra and we play the music of the big bands (Glenn Miller, Count Basie, etc.).

   So you see we’ve been very busy and continue to be so.  I hope I didn’t ramble on too long but if for some reason we don’t make it up, you’ll have a good picture of us.